Can insurance companies bear any burdens in case of war?

Can insurance companies bear any burdens in case of war?

Omar al-Rassi | Monday 20 November 2023

Matossian to "Akhbar al-Yawm": the state is responsible for its people!

The emergency plan, especially at the health level, is ready -in terms of form- to face any war, but the main thing that it lacks is funding...

Perhaps in recent days, the chances of the war expanding beyond the southern border into the Lebanese Interior have decreased, but there are no conclusive data, so precaution is a must at least until the end of the "Gaza war".

Ultimately, the responsibility resulting from the war lies with the government, specifically the Ministry of Health, which agreed with the Council of ministers to establish a specialized fund for Disaster Management, and the World Health Organization has transferred to Lebanon a lot of raw materials and medical supplies in the event of disasters, such as medicines used in war.

But everything is related to the scale of the disaster and the volume of demand... Hence the question, Can insurance companies bear any burdens?

The chairman and CEO of Mashreq insurance & reinsurance, former MP Alexander Matossian, explains via the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that at the global level, when any country declares a state of war, it more or less declares a state of emergency, and then everything stops and the state manages the affairs at all levels. He says: the insurance policy itself does not cover cases caused by war injuries, as the state becomes responsible for its people.

He was asked: if the state of war has not been declared by the state, similar to what happened in the July war in 2006, will the policies also stop? Matossian replies: the insurance policy at the level of the whole world does not talk about covering health conditions caused by wars. These cases are the responsibility of the relief authority, for example, similar to what happened when there was an explosion, where this authority is responsible for conducting the necessary survey, repeating that insurance companies do not cover hospitalization cases caused by wars, even life, car or property insurance policies also stop with the declaration of wars.

As for the donations received by the state, Matossian explains that insurance companies do not benefit from donations, and have nothing to do with them, but pay for everything the patient needs, and the Ministry of Health is supposed to distribute them as needed, whether to government hospitals or private hospitals, in the event of war, according to the contract between them and donors.


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