Will Iran respond directly to the murder of Zahedi or will it leave the matter to Hezbollah?

Will Iran respond directly to the murder of Zahedi or will it leave the matter to Hezbollah?

Chadi Hileneh | Tuesday 02 April 2024

Chadi Hileneh, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

List of targets with names…

Israel violated all the red lines and hit the axis of resistance deep inside Syrian territory, as it launched a raid on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, and completely destroyed its building, later it turned out that the target was the commander of the "Quds Force" in Lebanon and Syria, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, which naturally causes embarrassment to Tehran. But the question arises: "Will the latter respond directly by striking Israeli territory, or will it leave the matter to Hezbollah, so it can restore its prestige after the cruel blow it received yesterday, and send a firm threatening message to Tel Aviv?"

Military observers point out that Iran can deliver painful blows to the Israeli interior through non-Iranian hands, to send a message that it cannot be taken out of the equation, and it also has mechanisms such as "Hezbollah" and other proxies to make the region in a worrying situation. But its success calls for a military state of war, which remains unpredictable even in light of the continued targeting operations from time to time.

On the other hand, Israel has begun to impose new equations, not only in Lebanon, but also in Syria, after securing weapons from Washington, so it is proceeding with its plans with American support, and operating under a List of specific targets and names, it deliberately targets the liaison and coordination men between the party, the Quds Force and Hamas, so that it assassinated Saleh al-Arouri in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Then, it eliminated several leaders of Al-Radwan, an elite Hezbollah unit, including Abbas Raad, the son of the head of the "loyalty to the Resistance" Bloc, MP Mohammed Raad, and the commander of the Radwan forces, Wissam Al-Tawil, was assassinated, in addition to other names in leading positions.

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