Strict Israeli messages and Hezbollah will not give Bassil Carte Blanche

Strict Israeli messages and Hezbollah will not give Bassil Carte Blanche

Rania Chakhtoura | Friday 01 December 2023

Le Drian Advocates for Joseph Aoun's Retention: the army without direction will divide

An informed political source said that the visits of Qatari envoy Jassim bin Fahd Al-Thani to Beirut and then French presidential envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian do not fall within the scope of the five-nation group 's action for Lebanon, which includes Cairo, Washington and Riyadh to Doha and Paris.

The source explained via "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that the five-nation group "stopped working" based on the fact that the United States is busy with the Gaza war with its ships and aircraft carriers on the shores of the Strip, while Egypt is working to prevent the Palestinians from being sent to Sinai, and Saudi Arabia is still monitoring remotely.

However, the source said, despite this, attention to Lebanon has returned to priorities, to prevent a war, because the Israeli messages are strict -and Le Drian also conveyed their content- that "if Resolution 1701 is not implemented, Lebanon will be destroyed".

The source pointed out that France has regained its movement towards Lebanon, based on its own problems, after it made many attempts and almost felt at one moment that it had lost its traditional friends, knowing that it is the only European country that has not cut ties with Hezbollah, and there is even a channel of dialogue with the party.

In response to a question, the source explained that before renewing the search for the election of the president of the Republic, France is seeking to extend the army commander's term, General Joseph Aoun, and it is also afraid that the army will become without a command, no matter what the defense law stipulates, the army without a command will split, and since it is impossible to appoint a new army commander in accordance with the rules, Aoun's term should be extended.

Stressing that Le Drian's main task today is to achieve this extension, the source was surprised by the direction of the Free Patriotic Movement towards more isolation, in light of its refusal to extend, besides the debate that took place between the French delegate and Deputy Gebran Bassil on the background of this file yesterday.

The source said that Bassil's priorities have nothing to do with the supreme interest of the state, but rather partisan and personal priorities, considering that the extension of Aoun "will allow him again to become the most serious candidate for the presidency of the Republic".

Will Hezbollah stand by him? The source replied: Currently, the party has different priorities in light of the threats it is facing, and the best evidence is that it did not take Lebanon into the unknown, because it is making accurate calculations, including not giving Bassil CARTE BLANCHE.

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