The price of bread decreases…

The price of bread decreases…

| Friday 01 December 2023

The Beirut and Mount Lebanon Bakery Owners' Union head, Nasser Srour, announced in a statement: "The price of a loaf of bread has decreased by 2,000 Lebanese pounds given the stability of the dollar exchange rate, due to the decrease in the price of a ton of diesel, so that the price of a package of bread weighing 800 grams has become 45,000 Lebanese pounds, against 47,000 Lebanese pounds".

Srour said: "Having raised our voice to obtain wheat units, we can say that we now have a subsidized wheat stock for two and a half months, and this is a positive thing that avoids any monopoly or bread crisis".

He asked "the Prime Minister, the Parliament and all parties to act in their international relations to rebuild the silos of Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon, so that Lebanon can have a stock of wheat and cereals for a period of 6 months".

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