'Sabah-El-Yawm' the salad version

'Sabah-El-Yawm' the salad version

| Monday 07 June 2021

About a year ago, Al-Jadeed channel launched, after a series of delays, its daily morning program, but after years of trying to come up with something new, the program’s name, to say the least, lacks any kind of innovation. “Sabah Al-Yawm” is an unattractive title, as this phrase and does not indicate the content of the program, which is a magazine that includes literally everything that can come to your mind.

The program goes live every day with seven male and female hosts, who have very important experiences in the journalistic domain. The problem of “Sabah-Al-Yawm” is an unsuccessful version of “Al-Sabah’s World”, which appeared for more than 25 years on the ‘future’ screen before it became a replay channel only. This program was overlooking its followers with a distinctive decoration and was characterized by good preparation and production, while this show was confined to a narrow decor limited to a large sofa and a giant screen, and it also lacked the minimum needed production, as it is not adequate, for example, that a presenter talks about “Is a star’s life a hard path? As a question in the context of his interview with his guest singer! Also, the unbearable preparation done for every interview in the program is an issue, which appears to be an attempt to fill in time while waiting for the next interview needs to be resolved.

It is not appropriate for the part where they talk about news from around the world to make mistakes in the names of the countries in which the news occurs. As also it is inadequate to use content that is similar to other channels “mesh ghalat” (which is similar to the famous “min al” segment on MTV) in such a primitive way that does not resemble any of 2021’s new content.





The show includes daily a large group of segments and interviews that have no connection between them, and this is a legitimate matter in television magazines, but the problem is that the program lacks any kind of smoothness in moving from one segment to another, in addition to the insistence of some of its presenters to include heartfelt introductions that has absolutely no place in the program from a professional point of view, as “Sabah Al-Yawm” might look like a mix of salad bowl that is served daily to viewers, as it contains many ingredients, but the taste is unknown and not delicious. From med, to psychiatry, to decoration, to the labor market, to traffic, to towers, to technical interviews, to direct transmission of press conferences for ministers, to highlighting cultural activities. This is all just too much to take in




It does not take much from “Sabah Al-Yawm” to improve, perhaps the main problem here is that all decisions are taken by one person only.in addition to that a similar French program on France 2, has another way of presenting the content carefully thought out and does not cause any "indigestion" problems for the viewers, as they enjoy the smoothness as well as the perfect preparation and production. We know that working conditions in Al-Jadeed channel are very difficult and that most of those who work on the program do not receive a wage or receive very little, but this does not justify providing material that is not valid for people who have no fault in the working conditions. A bit of professionalism and respect for the viewer is required, no more!

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