Diplomatic report: the Vatican is leading the world to peace with quiet efforts and Lebanon has lost its role

Diplomatic report: the Vatican is leading the world to peace with quiet efforts and Lebanon has lost its role

Daoud Rammal | Wednesday 13 September 2023

"Akhbar al-Yawm" reveals the details of the pope's visits, the movement of the Holy See and its goals

Over the centuries and decades, the Holy See has managed to defuse the raging wars, expanding the circle of peace on the globe.

"What is the new Vatican movement at the global level and what about Lebanon?” This is what is included in a report revealed by a knowledgeable diplomatic source to the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that "the great pontiff Pope Francis is negotiating and managing a diplomatic path with three main branches:

First: The Archbishop of Italy sent Cardinal Matteo Zuppi to carry out a quest for peace between Ukraine, Russia and the United States of America. Cardinal Zuppi visited Kiev, Moscow and Washington and met with the heads of the three countries in addition to Patriarch Kirill, and in this context the pope is going to announce a figure he called a"bridge figure to build peace between the three countries" after the completion of the World Youth Days hosted by Lisbon in Portugal.

Secondly: the pope will appoint a person and give him the status of "bridge of peace between the Holy See and China", which will open up prospects for many things in international relations, to extinguish the arenas of tension in the world.

Third: Pope Francis has tasked the secretary of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin (the second man in the Holy See, who is described as a great diplomat and is among the most prominent names to succeed the pope in case he steps down soon), to communicate in order to prepare a conference of religious leaders this fall, which will be held in Abu Dhabi, and this is a loss for Lebanon, which is supposed to host such a conference. “Will the pope personally participate, or will he assign Cardinal Parolin or a high delegation from the Holy See?” This decision is still under consideration, but unfortunately this confirms that Lebanon is no longer a priority for Pope Francis on the issue of Muslim-Christian dialogue and on the issue of being the pioneer and leader of this dialogue at the level of the East".

The source continues: "there is very serious talk about the upcoming visits of Pope Francis:

1- His visit to Mongolia, which means that he has come much closer to China, and although the number of Christians in Mongolia does not exceed 10%, it is aimed at starting to consolidate relations between the Holy See and China, which began with the pontificate of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

2- A conference on the "Mediterranean meeting" will also be held in Marseille during the current month of September, and the visit was adjusted from one day to two, as it was a visit to Marseille and not to France and limited to the conference, a day was added so that French President Emmanuel Macron would receive him at the airport, and they will hold an official meeting added to the visit program, in addition to attending the conference and giving an important speech on relations between countries in the Mediterranean, the pope will celebrate Mass at the Marseille Stadium.

3 - Among the plans of visits, an attempt to fulfill his promise to visit all the countries of Europe, which he called "small countries", as there are plans to visit Kosovo and most likely to take place before Christmas, if his health after returning from Mongolia and Marseille allows it, and not postponed to 2024.

4- His visit to Argentina, which was postponed several times, and he hopes to visit his country immediately after the elections, and this excuse is considered by many to be unrealistic, because the pope was elected since 2013 and ten years have passed and he has not visited his country as the Supreme Pontiff, but the reality is that the situation in Argentina is similar to Lebanon, corruption as Lebanon and more".

As for the Middle East, the source explains that "with the end of the Syrian war and the expected lifting of sanctions on Syria, because according to the Vatican's vision, the end of the Syrian crisis and the beginning of a new political phase will be concurrent with the lifting of sanctions on Syria, and the pope will visit Syria to inaugurate the lifting of sanctions on Syria and to consolidate the Christian presence in it".

Will the pope doing something between the GCC countries and Iran and the upcoming and expected visit to Iran? The source answers: "this depends on the outcome of the negotiations to return to the nuclear agreement between Washington and Tehran, and the information indicates that Iran will not give US President Joe Biden to return to the agreement because 2024 is a presidential election year in the United States".

The source stops at the "importance of the letter recently sent by the supreme Shiite authority in Najaf, Mr. Ali al-Sistani to Pope Francis, in which he supported the pope's direction for clerics of different religions to play their full role in establishing and consolidating peace, while the Holy See and the authority of Sistani emphasize two things:

First: the exchange of letters and the ongoing dialogue between committees from the Vatican and committees by the reference of Sistani, because the document of brotherhood will be signed by the parties with the reference of Qom in Iran.

Second: the compatibility of the vision for the future of interreligious relations between the pope and Sistani is very identical, and what is being said in the Vatican about Sistani's vision and the work team that assigned him to continue communication with the Holy See shows the amount of attention and importance to the role of Sistani at the world level".

The source regrets "the fact that Lebanon has lost the leading role in the region and the world at the level of dialogue of religions and civilizations, and this loss is because of the Lebanese leaders in their various positions and responsibilities, especially that many mistakes and sins was committed in the last decade, specifically with the Vatican. The Holy See is keenly aware of the readiness of the Lebanese people to engage in Islamic-Christian dialogue, but unfortunately the Lebanese leadership has ruined the centuries-old relationship between the Holy See and Lebanon".



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