Extraordinary meeting at Kahale’s Kataeb office

Extraordinary meeting at Kahale’s Kataeb office

| Thursday 10 August 2023

Source: Kataeb. org

Kataeb Political Bureau held an extraordinary meeting today at Kahale’s Kataeb office.

After the meeting, Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel said in a press conference that Lebanon is in a dangerous position, affirming that the problems in all regions are interconnected and are the result of the presence of illegal weapons outside the framework of the state.

 “We know that the Lebanese army carries out orders, that political power is hijacked, and that there is an equation imposed on the Lebanese called "Army, People, and Resistance",” he noted.

"The army leadership must understand that the way Hezbollah is handling things will lead the country to dangerous consequences,” he warned.

Gemayel affirmed that if the army does not assume its responsibilities and put an end to all these practices, it will itself become complicit in what could happen in the country, stressing that the army cannot protect or cover up the transfer of weapons, ammunition and militants and the threat to which the Lebanese are exposed daily.

"We cannot coexist with an armed militia. This is a national position to which most Lebanese adhere,” he indicated.

The Kataeb Leader called on the opposition to move from the traditional method of political work to another existential position as a basic entity, as Lebanon is required to take exceptional decisions.

“We will always stand by the Lebanese and will never give up,” he affirmed.

 “The Kataeb Party has entered a new phase. Starting today, our struggle is about our identity and existence,” Gemayel concluded.

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