Rima Frangieh: Yes, I see my husband as the president of all Lebanon

Rima Frangieh: Yes, I see my husband as the president of all Lebanon

| Saturday 01 April 2023

The Al Joumhouria newspaper met Rima Frangieh, the wife of the leader of the Marada Movement and asked her the question during the interview: You said "Yes, I see my husband as the president of all Lebanon", ten years later late, do you still insist on your opinion?

- Definitely and more than ever. Lebanon needs a clear and frank person who has a national discourse that crosses regions and sects and an advanced and realistic vision, who believes in the capacities of young people and those with local skills and experience. and international, and the role of technology in the development of all sectors. He was the first to introduce the Iso system into the official administration when he was Minister of Health, and he always says that "any project can be carried out successfully by an official if there is no self-interest ".

"On a personal level, I have great confidence in the person of Sleiman Frangieh. A person who is capable of overcoming personal pain and deep pain with a big heart and a big mind will also absorb all the specters of the homeland. He gave the maximum for the unity of his homeland and Arabism, and no one can outbid him in this either for the pragmatism he enjoys, or for his Christianity, his audacity, his frankness or his honesty" said Rima.

She believes that Sleiman Frangieh is ready to inaugurate a comprehensive national workshop to strengthen Lebanon's position in the world: What interests Sleiman and me is to serve Lebanon in case we reach Baabda Palace or not. If Sleiman arrives, I will be by his side.

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