Why do couples use baby talk with one another?

Why do couples use baby talk with one another?

| Wednesday 15 March 2023

Baby Talk is mostly used in romantic relationships. According to CNews, two out of three couples use it. This way of expressing oneself is characterized by a honeyed voice, a bit "cucul la praline" for others, which often rises in the treble. Added to this are nicknames like "my heart", "my love", "my baby". CNews tells us that this type of behavior has been studied by human relations researchers and psychologists. According to experts, this attitude is completely normal. Better, it would prove beneficial in certain cases. Professionals agree that "baby talk" is a way to strengthen the bond with your partner. It would also be a sign of complicity and 

To understand the origins of "baby talk", we must go back to our early childhood. "This attitude echoes the behavior of the first people who took care of us. The "baby talk" is a way like any other to express one's needs". In an interview with NBC News, Doctor Antonia Hall explains that "baby talk" acts like a mirror effect with the desire to "feed your partner and the romantic bond. It creates a feeling of security. This way of talking is innate and universal to all humans". By adopting the "baby talk", we come to reassure the inner child who lies dormant in us and who seeks above all affection. As clinical psychologist Lisa Letessier reminds us in an article by Madame Figaro: " From the first months of his life, the baby asks to be loved, valued and protected. In adulthood, he asks the partner. It's a voluntary regression."

Taking a honeyed voice to exchange with his or her darling or someone who is dear to us is therefore comforting and helps to relax, even to let go. We then put ourselves in a position of vulnerability, without the fear of being judged. A language that builds trust and brings you closer to loved ones. 

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