Itinerant Street Tellers

Itinerant Street Tellers

| Tuesday 15 November 2022

Carole Salloum - Akhbar Al Yawm

Whoever asks about the abundance of Lebanese and green currencies will not get lost in knowing the answer... Go to the group distributed on some public roads in Lebanon...

A group planted along these roads carrying with it “Lebanese and the dollar” and inviting you to sell it explicitly means the phrase “mini ATM”. Those who go to areas where public roads abound find themselves surrounded by itinerant walkers, some visible and the others hidden. One word comes out of their mouths “Shaw with you”, posing the packet holder, especially in Lebanese currency, holds them comfortably, wrapping them, and often leans on the chair.

There is no set date for the emergence of this group, but the "out" of the dollar does what it does, as the arrival of the exchange rate to forty thousand liras will get everyone out of and hate.

The majority of them work through an influential side that either holds the area or has its weight that pumps money and green currencies, while the group whose members have no age wins "crumbs", as one of them tells Akhbar Al Yawm, appealing to those who want to spend their dollars to contribute to making them a winner. Citizens can enter into a “sharing” with a member of the group about the exchange rate and the predominance is for a few thousand lira.

Some citizens fear the process of drainage on the roads, currency cards, and whether they are forged or not, while others have to resort to the disposal process because the official teller let them down with the amount he offered.

It is noticeable that the road walkers are widely distributed, as, at each crossroads, one overlooks his services, some seasoned and the other "new" on the scene, but trained. And they change daily, except for a few.

Some followers of this phenomenon argue that this group is not afraid of anything, as it practices its work professionally, and confirms that this work is not as legitimate as is the case with other works in the country and that speculations that occur through some clammers lead to a rise in the exchange rate.

It reveals that a number of those interested in spending money in dollars have resorted to creating groups through the WhatsApp application or "Telegram" for supply and demand, one of them asks, for example, to book the sale of an amount of exchange and makes contacts for this purpose with tellers, and the delivery service is also present Similarly. This also enhances the work of these cashiers.

These followers believe that some turn a blind eye to this work for more than one reason, provided that it is certain that the current economic and financial reality in the country has led to the emergence of these phenomena and the explosion of the talents of some in them and their adoption as an additional source of livelihood, even if it is contrary to the laws in force, and how much some have

Thus, a group or groups of workers in this field go to their tasks without regard for any controls, and they are used to it... Does something change at a certain time or form? The answer will not appear as sure!

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