The army seizes illegal immigration boats

The army seizes illegal immigration boats

| Friday 23 September 2022

The Lebanese army is conducting raids in Benin, seizing illegal immigration boats.

The Army Command - Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement :

"On 09/21/2022, a patrol of the Intelligence Directorate in Tripoli – Al-Mina arrested the citizens: (A.R.), (M.R.), (M.M.) and (M.G.M.) because they had a history in smuggling operations and for their attempt to buy a boat to later carry out an illegal smuggling operation by sea, and a military pistol was seized from them. Another patrol of the Directorate in the locality of Deir Ammar also arrested citizens (A.R.), (M.A.), (B.A.), (K.A.) suspected of carrying out smuggling activities across the sea and monitoring the patrols of the naval forces.

The seizures have been handed over and investigations of the detainees have been launched under the control of the competent justice".

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