Two persons arrested after drug trafficking investigation

Two persons arrested after drug trafficking investigation

| Sunday 03 July 2022

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces-Public Relations Division explained that "within the framework of the qualitative operations carried out by the information division of the internal security forces to combat drug trafficking and promotion operations targeting Lebanese youth in various Lebanese regions, the division knew about unknown persons promoting drugs in Metn and Keserwan”.

It added in a statement, “as a result, the competent units in the division have begun their field and information procedures to reveal the identity of the two mentioned. As a result of extensive investigations and inquiries, it was possible to identify two of them, namely:

Ch. Kh. (Born in 1983, Lebanese)

L. Ch. (Born in 1993, Lebanese)

It continued, "on 28-06-2022, after monitoring and surveillance, one of the division's patrols carried out a controlled ambush in the Tabarja locality, which resulted in their arrest, aboard a navy-colored Dodge car - which was seized - while they were promoting drugs in the locality".

The following were seized:

/53/ an envelope with cocaine inside it weighed /238 / g

8 / envelopes with cocaine inside / 33 / g

/50 / plastic pill with cocaine inside / 290 / g

A box with drug paraphernalia inside, a red color filter, two cell phones, and money”.

“Under investigation, they confessed to what was attributed to them in terms of selling drugs to a number of customers, on board the seized car, and that they were active in many areas of the Metn and Keseawan", it said.

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