Displaced Syrians... What about physical investment and reinstatement finance?

Displaced Syrians... What about physical investment and reinstatement finance?

| Tuesday 21 June 2022

Anton El Fata - Akhbar Al Yawm

Firmly implementing the Lebanese laws to return the displaced Syrians to Syria is necessary, important, and vital. But it loses a lot of its value when it is said in a country that does not apply its laws “firmly” to itself first, nor to its internal files, for the benefit of its people, specifically in those that require an end to thieves, monopolists, and corrupt...

Returning to the issue of Syrian displacement, and in line with the need to put Western countries in general before their responsibilities in this file, it is necessary to ask about the extent to which Lebanon can benefit from the development of Russian-Arab relations, recently, and more than the past few years, and its repercussions on this file.

Russia has an interest in leading the Syrian file to "happy endings", in all respects. Whether some people want to listen to what we will say in this context, or not, all Arab countries are also obligated to find a solution to the issue of Syrian displacement and the “financial” aspect related to it, because Syria is an Arab country.

This is in addition to the fact that several regional parties participated in the Syrian war, in financing and arming, and not only at the level of engaging in direct combat operations. This is what should compel all of these people, regardless of their types and level of participation in the “Syrian fire,” to work to “collect” the effects of the Syrian fire, not just the West.

A political source confirmed that "there are Western and American obstacles that prevent the return of the displaced Syrians from Lebanon, and the countries hosting them, to Syria. The main reason is political, related to the Western view of the political future in Damascus, the role of the Syrian government, the Syrian constitution, and how the Syrian opposition participates in governance." After agreeing on the constitution.

In an interview with Akhbar Al Yawm, he indicated that "the West insists on keeping them in Lebanon, and in other countries of displacement, despite the very great economic, financial, security and social pressure they are causing, especially in Lebanon. Therefore, we find that the Lebanese political position is united on this." The level, which is the necessity of their return, especially since Lebanese officials heard in Brussels talk that they should be assimilated into Lebanese society and be integrated into it. This is evidence that there is no Western decision regarding their return to their country.

The source stressed that "returning them to Syria requires financial investment, of course, and financing for reconstruction. The Arab countries can contribute to this. But we hope that the development of relations is not limited to the line of the Arab countries - Russia only, but also includes the Arab countries - Syria." Also, for Arab countries to reconsider their relations with Damascus, the more relations progress at these levels, the faster the return of the displaced will be, in agreement with Russia and the West."

Regarding the future of Russian relations with the countries of the region, he added: "Moscow presented a security initiative to the Gulf region about two years ago, in which the Gulf states and Iran participate together, as they cannot be separated geographically, nor in terms of common interests at sea and at the level of oil corridors."

He concluded: "But unfortunately, this Russian initiative was not accepted by the Gulf states, nor by the NATO countries, especially with the West's desire to keep Russia and Iran outside any framework of cooperation with the Gulf states, before signing a nuclear agreement with Tehran and ending the war in Yemen, the Syrian war, and waiting for the development of the Gulf-Israeli peace tracks.”

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