What about the day after the results are released?

What about the day after the results are released?

| Thursday 05 May 2022

Daoud Rammal, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency      

Four interrelated files will control the fate of future entitlements

The parliamentary elections will take place and eyes are turning to the post-election phase based on four successive entitlements, on the basis of how to manage them, the next phase will be determined.

What are these four important entitlements? And what about the day after the elections results? A well-informed source explains, via "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, that "these files are all of the same priorities due to their interrelatedness and importance, which are:

The first: the entitlement to elect the speaker of the House of Representatives, his deputy and the Bureau of the council, and because there are subsequent entitlements, this process will witness attempts to make trade-offs to which the political class is accustomed. According to preliminary reading, Speaker Nabih Berri will be re-elected easily, but the most important in the re-election is the number of Deputies who will renew his mandate in the presidency of the council.

All eyes are on the Christian component, specifically the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces. If the FPM put a white paper, there is a need for the Lebanese Forces and the other Christian forces i.e., the Marada, the  Kataeb, and the independents. If the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb do not vote as well for President Berri (which is likely), this means that the Christian votes that Berri will have are the Marada, the Tashnaq and the independents, which the duo would prefer not to reach, but to expand the circle of participants in the vote for President Berri, so Hezbollah will probably take over the process of managing negotiations with the Free Patriotic Movement and this negotiation will not be easy.

Second: the entitlement to hold binding parliamentary consultations, after the date of May 21, where the mandate of the current Parliament expires and the government is considered resigned, and also eyes turn to President Najib Mikati to rename the formation of a new government, this time the specifications may be different; if the current government is dominated by technocrats, the next one may be a Government of national unity consisting of thirty ministers representing the main forces in the House of Representatives, and adopt a ministerial statement that puts Lebanon's international obligations, especially with the International Monetary Fund, into effect, this government will make fateful decisions and therefore better to be an inclusive government.

Third: the entitlement to start fast processing of Service files that no longer bear any postponement, the most important of which is the electricity file, which has turned into a nightmare for every Lebanese, after the electricity bills have exhausted the remaining savings of the Lebanese, and this needs to open up to all countries that have shown a willingness to help in the service sectors, including the energy sector, and not to limit openness to one direction.

Fourth: creating the conditions and the atmosphere suitable for the completion of the presidential entitlement according to its constitutional dates, where the constitutional deadline for the election of a new president of the Republic begins on August 31, two months before the end of the term of the current president of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.

The source confirms that "these four entitlements can be completed by the Lebanese Will, and by staying away from the mentality that still controls the approach of internal and external entitlements, otherwise we will be subject to decisive international intervention forcing those who obstruct to acquiesce to the Will of the rescue and its necessary condition is not to disrupt the entitlements".

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