The Sovereign Ministries are the witnesses of the state's breakdown

The Sovereign Ministries are the witnesses of the state's breakdown

Omar al-Rassi | Friday 06 August 2021

The position expressed by Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati after the meeting with Lebanese President, General Michel Aoun, when he asserted that the research on authorship is progressing slowly, optimism can't be built on it! Because the contract has been in place, and the debate is over a bag from here, and the name of the one from there is the master of himself from a year ago until today.
At this time, the Lebanese situation is deteriorating, in addition to the economic, social, health, and living crises. The security crisis has returned to the fore through the escalation in the south, which began gradually since August 4th.

This escalating tension is inseparable from the messages that Israel sends to the new Iranian authority in conjunction with the inauguration of the elected president, Ibrahim Raisi, to power in his country.

Escalation south
As the Israeli media reported that the Israeli security services’ assessments indicate that Hezbollah is responsible for launching the rockets today, which was confirmed by the party in a statement issued by the Islamic Resistance, in which: “In response to the Israeli air raids on open lands in the Al Jarmaq and Al Shawakir areas on Thursday night. In the past, the groups of the martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen and the martyr Muhammad Qasim Tahan in Hezbollah bombed 

open lands in the vicinity of the Israeli occupation sites in the Shebaa Farms with dozens of 122mm rockets.

An informed political source expressed fear that we will be facing long battles similar to what happened in Palestine, specifically in the "Sheikh Jarrah" neighborhood, which lasted for ten days. The provocation continued.

In light of these tensions that foreshadow what is more dangerous, the international community is still on the same word “the necessity of forming a government,” and this necessity is increasing in importance day after day, and if its main goal is to put an end to the economic collapse, it may also face a security collapse, and here is the greatest danger.

Contract and share
In a related context, the source ruled out that the reason for the obstruction was external, but rather the contract and quotas play a key role in the obstruction, saying: In comparison between Lebanon and Iraq, where Iranian influence is clear, Tehran did not escalate in the face of the American-Iraqi agreement following the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kazemi to Washington Therefore, if the matter were to withdraw to Lebanon, the birth of the government might be easy, if not for the internal disputes. Therefore, the formation of the government is linked to the flexibility that President Michel Aoun may or may not show.
On the other hand, the source saw that President Mikati - who received a dose of support during the conference organized by Paris on August 4 - is opening the way for taking and response, and is trying to round corners, by putting aside the distribution of bags until all details are agreed upon.

Break the will of the Shia duo
The source criticized what is being reported in the media regarding the withdrawal of the Ministry of Finance from the Shiites, which is understood as an intention to break the will of the duo. He said: The presidential team, by targeting the Shiites, targets the Sunnis, so if the Christians got the defense and money bags, and the Shiites got the interior, what is left for the Sunnis?
He said: Knowing that the heresy for every sect to have a “sovereign ministry” is trivial and ridiculous. Rather, it is evidence of the disintegration of the state. He said: For example, submitting the name of General Joseph Aoun to the Ministry of Interior does not create any confrontation between responsibility and practice, or Judge Ziad Abu Haidar, who was previously proposed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, to take over the Ministry of Justice, based on a path that proves that he is a respected and efficient judge, regardless of his affiliation. communal.

Thus, sealing such names may help in resolving dilemmas.

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