is it 2030 or 1984?

is it 2030 or 1984?

| Monday 07 June 2021

When watching the first few seconds of the ‘2030’ tv program that airs every Monday on LBC International you can sense a hint of a time machine that takes you back to 1984 in some kind of way. This time was before LBCI even aired programs that discussed matters in some kind of tv seminar. Other than having a depressive attire for their studio’s setup and decoration, they way the seating of the host and his guests is planned takes you back to the old times as well. In addition to that, rather than discussing the future as mentioned in the name of the program, the topics they bring up on the show to be discussed are still related to very old fostered subjects like the electricity, gas, prices and medicine crises happening since who knows when in Lebanon .while matching the content to the name of the program is mandatory , a change has to be made in either of those two criteria , because talking endlessly throughout the whole show about what is happening nowadays and then leaving the last few minutes to talk about the futuristic vision of the guests is considered scant and inadequate. Also, describing the host, Albert Costanian, who is known for his professionalism and has very good communication skills, doesn’t quite fit the image that the show needs to maintain, he lacks control of the debate happening as if he’s waiting for his turn to interfere, stays still and acts like a true 1980 host. This is considered a step back to show because we are not living in the era where we only have one tv program running live, but in fact the audience has numerous shows to zap through and will maybe skip when seeing the show missing few minor but important details. What is best for the show is going back to the initial pitched idea which is focusing on futuristic goals for it to reach the right targeted audience and not lose any as it is happening now. To conclude the show has a lot of really good aspects but the light dimmed on them goes down as few of the minor aspects are not respected like the stage setup, name of the show compared to its content and the host’s performance.


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