Inside Israel: High alert among Israelis amid Iran tensions

Inside Israel: High alert among Israelis amid Iran tensions

| Friday 12 April 2024

Source: LBCI english website

Israel has entered a peak state of alarm, concern, and readiness in anticipation of a possible Iranian retaliation for the bombing of its consulate in Damascus within 48 hours.

The Home Front Command has instructed all local authorities to prepare for the strike, and to secure safe shelters, which has heightened Israeli concerns. This comes against the backdrop of a lack of shelters in most towns, with some deemed unsuitable for use.

Panic among the population has also risen after the US Embassy instructed its diplomats and citizens not to leave what it considered major safe cities, including Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva in the south, and Jerusalem. 

Meanwhile, Israeli threats to retaliate against Iran directly if the strike comes from it have escalated.

Regarding indirect Iranian messages indicating no intention to expand the war but rather to limit it to a harsh and deterrent strike, Israel has been presented with several scenarios. There is skepticism about Tehran's credibility and leaked intentions to target military bases and strategic sites.

Simultaneously, military, security, and political officials are making efforts to calm public fears, considering that Israel has previously experienced what Iran could use in terms of weapons, especially during the Gaza war and by Iran's proxies in various scenarios. The danger extends to the northern region and the Galilee.

If the strike comes from Iran, it will likely pass through Syrian airspace to the north. 

However, if the strike comes from what Israel considers Iran's proxies in the region, the likelihood is that it will be directed from the northern region.

In either case, a single missile hitting Haifa Bay, where oil refineries are located, could put a quarter of a million Israelis living there and in the surrounding area within Iran and its allies' range.

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