AIA: To Regularly Update Vehicles’ Systems for Road Safety and Investment Protection

AIA: To Regularly Update Vehicles’ Systems for Road Safety and Investment Protection

| Friday 22 March 2024

Beirut, March 22, 2024: The Association of Automobile Importers (AIA) reminds Lebanese consumers of the manufacturers' guidelines. These guidelines include the regular update of the vehicles’ systems in the case of need, or when the manufacturer requires it through its official representative, or when it is communicated to the consumer via the regular communication means, and in all cases each time the vehicle undergoes maintenance or repairs. It allows to fulfill the dual objective of maintaining the vehicle and ensuring road safety.

This system update is extremely important and applies to all categories of vehicles, including hybrid and electric ones. It guarantees consumers’ safety, and allows them to maintain their vehicle’s performance at its original level. Furthermore, the update ensures the adoption of the latest improvements implemented by the manufacturer on their vehicle systems. This system update finally contributes to protecting the consumers’ investment by maintaining the condition and value of their vehicle.

In conclusion, the association notes that the manufacturer's warranty includes performing these updates on a regular basis. In this regard, AIA emphasizes the need to carry out update procedures at maintenance centers affiliated with authorized dealerships exclusively. Only the latter are in capacity of representing global manufacturers, and conducting recall campaigns requested by manufacturers, and ensuring that consumers receive qualified maintenance and continuous monitoring of systems according to the latest manufacturer's standards.

* About the association: AIA brings together authorized representatives of all global automotive manufacturers in Lebanon. The association aims to raise awareness among Lebanese consumers about their rights, especially the request of a manufacturer's warranty at the time of purchase. Since 1923, it has responsibly acted for regulating the market and importation of new vehicles in Lebanon, leveraging the experience of its member companies to serve consumers, ensuring their protection and safety while contributing to sector development.

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