War will not stop in foreseeable future...

War will not stop in foreseeable future...

Daoud Rammal | Friday 15 March 2024

Daoud Rammal, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

While the ongoing negotiations in the capitals of the resolution, especially Cairo, Doha and Ankara, are moving towards replacing the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip with de-escalation, the military operations on the Lebanese Front have dramatically increased and reached the Baalbek-Hermel governorate, which indicates an Israeli decision to separate the Gaza front and the Lebanon front.

A diplomatic source told the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that "the Arab and international quest is to reduce the level of fire by Israel in its war on the Gaza Strip, to pass the month of Ramadan with as little destruction and killing as possible, and this matter began to show its signs through the movement witnessed in the northern Gaza Strip, which was nonexistent until before the advent of Ramadan. It seems that it will continue as long as no Palestinian faction resorts to military action, which will quickly return things to the previous stage of an escalating pace of military operations, but the order of de-escalation will not apply to Lebanon, after the Israeli prime minister gained a popular momentum of more than seventy percent in favor of waging a war on Lebanon".

The source said that "the indication that the time for a ceasefire is not coming soon is the Seaport in which the US has begun preparations to establish on the shore of Gaza in an intermediate area between North and South, which means that this port will be used for humanitarian relief operations, food and medical, and this indicates that the Rafah crossing will become out of service by Israel's decision, and this coincides with the American green light for Israel to invade Rafah in conjunction with the American presence in Gaza through the port, and therefore the establishment of this port is a crucial indicator of the length of the war".

The source revealed that "the Western messages that reached Lebanon and what was heard by delegates who visited Arab and Western capitals, especially Doha, indicate that the dilemma is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is getting tougher day by day, and that what delays the start of the large – scale Israeli war on Lebanon is the formation of an Israeli military-security team headed by a senior officer whose task is to develop a new plan for the northern front, and upon completion of it will be submitted to the war council for decision, and therefore, Israel, which has practically expanded the circle of its targeting deep inside Lebanon, is still at the stage of preparing the new plan for the war against Lebanon".

The source pointed out that "before the paths of things in Gaza become clear, the Israeli cannot fight a large-scale war on the northern front, noting that there is no American green light for war on Lebanon, and warnings to Netanyahu are increasing that his entry into a large-scale confrontation with Lebanon will inevitably lead to a regional war, threatening international interests in the Middle East".


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