Mahfoud files the first lawsuit against Lebanese State and against an unknown person...

Mahfoud files the first lawsuit against Lebanese State and against an unknown person...

| Saturday 24 February 2024

The Head of the “Movement for Change”, Attorney Elie Mahfoud, held a press conference during which he revealed a number of claims and complaints filed by him about a number of Southern people affected by the war.

Mahfoud said at his conference, which was attended by members of the party's Leadership Council, Rasha Ahmed Sadek and Joseph Daou: "whenever we resort to the judiciary or to any of the Lebanese state institutions, mocking positions are issued against the state and its organs and institutions, because the collapse has hit the Republic to the core and the protection function is no longer from the functions of the state, but from the functions of the de facto militia, where it caught the big decisions.

Many of the Southern people, who were displaced and left their homes to escape the bombing and the military actions, expressed a desire to protect their rights and livelihoods after they were displaced and their homes were destroyed, and as the war facts led to heavy damage to lives and property, which entailed a large displacement movement, some of them requested us to defend them. All of this took place in the complete and total absence of the Lebanese State and its failure to fulfill its minimum obligations towards its citizens.

He added: "What is going on in the South and does the State have answers to people's questions? And does anyone really feel the existence of an authority, a state or a government?"

He said: "If it's all for Gaza, it is Not true.. We have not served Gaza, we have not saved Gaza, we have not stopped the war in Gaza, in return, we have been involved in a war on our land. Whoever wants to help Gaza should go to Palestine and fight there".

In short, it is required to deploy the Lebanese army alone.. The "whole" of Lebanon is required to be free of weapons. Adherence to the Constitution and international resolutions 1559 - 1701 - 1680 is required...

Since the Lebanese state has not taken any measures to deter the hostilities, as well as its abandonment of its job of care and protection after the war, we therefore submitted a complaint to the discriminatory public prosecution on 20/02/2024 No. 440/2024 and the file was transferred to the public prosecution of Appeals in Beirut on 22/02/2024 to proceed with the legal procedures.

As for the responsibility of the Lebanese State, we sent a warning letter to the Lebanese State through the Ministry of Finance, and the said letter was registered with the notary Department on 19/02/2024 No. 158/2024, in which we demanded compensation for the affected families under penalty of suing the State before the competent courts.

Therefore, I announced today, as a legal activity group, that we have taken the decision to open all the files and after studying and discussing them, to take them to the judicial and administrative references.

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