UNIFIL head meets with Tyre district mayors to hear their concerns

UNIFIL head meets with Tyre district mayors to hear their concerns

| Thursday 22 February 2024

In response to the ongoing exchanges of fire in south Lebanon, UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Lieutenant General Aroldo Lázaro met with mayors from the Tyre Caza. The meeting, attended by UNIFIL officials, aimed to address the concerns of local leaders and discuss the needs of residents affected by the conflict.

During the gathering, the UNIFIL chief emphasized the importance of fostering strong relationships between UNIFIL and the community across the area of operations, reassuring of UNIFIL's continued collaboration with the Lebanese Armed Forces and local communities.

Highlighting the support provided by UNIFIL and its contingents to various sectors, including first responders, civil defense, schools, healthcare agencies, women, children, and municipalities, Lieutenant General Aroldo Lázaro underscored the mission's coordination efforts with UN bodies, embassies, and NGOs to deliver aid where it is most needed.

Based on UN agencies, approximately 80,000 people have been displaced on the Lebanese side of the Blue Line, with three-quarters of them finding refuge in the Tyre caza.

While most displaced individuals are staying with family or renting houses, around 200 families are residing in shelters and receiving direct assistance.

According to a news article published by UNIFIL, the continuous exchange of fire has resulted in significant challenges for the displaced population on both sides of the Blue Line, with women and children facing heightened vulnerability.

Additionally, the daily violence and uncertainty about the future have led to increased fear, anxiety, and depression, affecting the education of many displaced children who are no longer attending school.

Meanwhile, the sudden influx of population has also strained local infrastructure and services, prompting several communities to seek assistance from UNIFIL.

“We are working very hard with the parties to avoid a situation of escalation,” the UNIFIL head said.

Adding: “UN Security Council resolution 1701 is the framework. We have to support the government of Lebanon and the LAF for the implementation of 1701. This is what we are trying to do every day.”

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