Paris-planned conference for army support faces postponement

Paris-planned conference for army support faces postponement

| Thursday 22 February 2024

The conference to support the Lebanese army, which Paris was preparing to host on the 27th of this month, has been announced to be postponed to an unspecified date.

Sources told Al-Akhbar newspaper that the conference was postponed due to disagreements between Paris and European capitals and Washington. 

This comes amid the ongoing war and a lack of clarity regarding the path to the political solution and how to implement Resolution 1701.

Diplomatic sources stated that the French attempted to take the lead on the issue, deciding to hold the conference without consulting with others.

They clarified that Paris rushed to reveal the conference and issue invitations, causing confusion among other European and Western parties. 

This confusion arises, especially since it is premature to determine the role the army will play and what it may need, given the lack of clarity about the future in Lebanon, as the entire matter is linked to developments in the situation in the Gaza Strip.

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