Paul Kanaan explains via "Akhbar al-Yawm" the reasons for the campaigns against Patriach al-Rahi

Paul Kanaan explains via "Akhbar al-Yawm" the reasons for the campaigns against Patriach al-Rahi

Exclusive | Friday 09 February 2024

Although Bkerki expresses national constants and does not deviate from its sovereign and independent line, it is always subject to campaigns that sometimes reach the point of insulting and crossing red lines.

Commenting on the recent campaign launched against Bkerki and Patriarch al-Rahi, the Head of the "Maronites for Lebanon" Assembly, Attorney Paul Youssef Kanaan, said via the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency: "The position of the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros al-Rahi of the current situation falls within the context of the constants of the Universal Church and the historical Maronite Patriarchate related to Lebanon entity and the formula of one national life".

He said: "Patriarch Al-Rahi sees himself called upon to raise his voice and warn of the imminent dangers and to confront the threats and the dangers".

Kanaan said that "the national crisis that has been going on for several years is the most prominent manifestation of the fateful dangers that threaten Lebanon. They are the result of internal and external factors".

He added: "It is not Strange in the geopolitical sense that Lebanon knows this crisis amid the radical transformations that the region is experiencing with its systems, demography and geopolitics. It is no secret to anyone that these transformations target Lebanon, the entity, the formula of one life and the concept of a homeland. Suffice it to mention:

- The presence of more than two million displaced Syrians in Lebanon;
- The presence of about one million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon;
- Changing the identity of the Lebanese land through the purchase or seizure of Christian lands;
- An unprecedented financial collapse;
- Unprecedented mass migration of Lebanese youth;
- The lack of balance in the public administration, as if it were distancing Christians from it;
- Obstructing the work of the judiciary and undermining internal and external confidence in it;
- The involvement of a Lebanese team in the region's conflicts and wars. It opposes the Patriarch's orientations;
- Another Lebanese team "waits" for signals from abroad. It also opposes the Patriarch's orientations;
- The vacuum in the presidency of the Republic for about a year and a half.

In this context, Kanaan stressed that continuing to disrupt the presidential entitlement constitutes a coup against the historical role of Christians in Lebanon and the East. It undermines this role, which has contributed to the creation of a common civilization and coexistence with Muslims.

Kanaan continued: "when Patriarch al-Rahi approaches these fateful dilemmas, he is confronted with voices, difficulties and challenges, which are an echo of the plans targeting Lebanon".

As for the recent uproar raised by the words of patriarch al-Rahi, Kanaan said: "it is not surprising to everyone who understands the background of what Lebanon is experiencing".

As for the question about the lack of "Christian parties gathering" around the Patriarch, Kanaan saw that the matter has several answers:

- The campaign against the Patriarch was not launched by significant references;
- There is no need and no justification for "incitement" beacause it exacerbates the sectarian aspects of the existing disputes;
- The campaign against the Patriarch has no sectarian identity, but it is political, as there are Christian and Islamic parties that oppose the Patriarch who adheres to the constants of the historical church, because these political parties are not "faithful" to the Lebanese entity, nor to the formula of a single national life, nor to the concept of a homeland.

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