Hariri Commemorative Day: Will "Bukhari" participate in the anniversary?

Hariri Commemorative Day: Will "Bukhari" participate in the anniversary?

Chadi Hileneh | Wednesday 07 February 2024

The relationship between the parties will not return to the same as before quickly

President Saad Hariri will soon return to Beirut to participate in the anniversary of his father's assassination on February 14, amid the popular - Sunni demand, in particular, through social networking sites for his return to political life, while the question is whether the relationship between the Kingdom and Saad Hariri will be good.

According to the circle close to the Center House, President Hariri intends in various ways to arrange the relationship with Riyadh, but it is not easy, and therefore the information is likely that the relationship between the two parties will not return as before, after the imbalance that hit the basis of its political and family structure as well.

Moreover, it seems that Saad Hariri will remain stuck for a long time in his political "isolation" despite the fact that Saudi Arabia could not create a popular alternative to him, especially in terms of filling the void left by him at the level of the Sunni community. Therefore, "Akhbar Al-Yawm" has learned that the kingdom will not participate in the anniversary of February 14, even if an official invitation was sent to it -neither through its ambassador to Lebanon Walid al-Bukhari, nor even at the level of ordinary diplomatic figures, because Hariri has not yet taken any practical step towards Riyadh and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who Hariri is supposed to be the spearhead in any project that can be determined according to the geopolitical transformations in Lebanon and the region.

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