Will Hariri participate in the restoration of political and public life in Lebanon?

Will Hariri participate in the restoration of political and public life in Lebanon?

Hala el-Housseini | Friday 02 February 2024

Hala el-Housseini, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Things have become closer to positive…

Since 2006, the anniversary of the martyrdom of President Rafik Hariri has acquired a special character due to its emotional and political significance... But this year it comes in light of the ongoing war in the south and the presidential vacuum, and coincides with the two-year anniversary of the retirement of his son, President Saad Hariri, from political work, leaving Beirut and moving to the UAE.

The return of Saad al-Hariri and the public positions he will take have become the main concern of many political and popular circles.

Political and parliamentary sources are waiting for the commemoration of the fourteenth of February, as attention is turning to the popular crowd that will be held, amid a fundamental question: will this return also be political or will it be limited to this occasion only?

In this regard, the sources believe that things are starting to take a different turn, and there are those who expect his return to the political arena in a prominent way, especially since the political conditions in Lebanon are changing in the wake of the work of the five-nation group on filling the presidential vacuum and the subsequent entitlements.

The sources report that the atmosphere is positive in terms of electing a president of the Republic, as the next few months will bring new developments on this level, although the names have not yet been put forward, but there are many and intensive contacts taking place at the highest levels in order to achieve the presidential entitlement and restore the regularity of public life in Lebanon and thus reactivate the work of constitutional institutions.

The sources believe that the issue of dialogue is still on the table, which is stressed by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nabih Berri in most of his meetings, and it is possible that it will happen at any time, after which a president of the Republic will be elected and a national unity government will be formed.

The sources pointed out that things have become closer to positive with the approaching approval of the truce proposal in Gaza, which reflects on the situation in Lebanon, and therefore it is likely to begin in the coming days and weeks numerous consultations to restart political life in Lebanon.


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