Clear Iranian orders...

Clear Iranian orders...

Chadi Hileneh | Thursday 01 February 2024

Chadi Hileneh, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

The party is nothing but a regional military wing used by Iran

A senior regional official said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard withdrew its officers from Syria after the painful Israeli strikes, and that military operations in the next stage will be remotely managed with the support of Hezbollah. Iran has accused the Syrian security forces of playing a role in targeting IRGC officers and members in the recent period, and Iran has informed Syria of its concern that there was a leak of sensitive information after targeting its advisers in recent Israeli strikes.

Based on this remarkable development, the focus is on the party and its role, following the clear Iranian orders, and it is not known whether the IRGC officers have moved to Lebanon, nor is it known how many Iranians have been killed in Syria.

An opposition source commented by saying: all this proves that the party is nothing but a regional military wing used by Iran to extend its influence in the region, a "dream" that cost Tehran hundreds of millions of dollars, to lead all the Shiite militias on the front lines of the war with Israel.

In this context, one military analyst points out that the Iranian regime seeks to form a headquarters for the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon to conduct operations against Israel through a single front if necessary.

On the other hand, intelligence reports in some media outlets said that the IRGC gave orders to Hezbollah to introduce advanced weapons and missiles into Lebanon, and also sent military vehicles loaded with elements to accompany convoys with advanced sniper weapons and individual anti-armor weapons of American origin, and homemade missiles and their launch bases were introduced into the convoys, including the Misagh-2 missile, the Igla-1 missile, the Konkurs missile and the Fagot missile.

Returning to the opposition source, he expressed fear that Tehran will involve the party in the Gaza war more, and bring it into the arena of its regional conflict with Washington and Tel Aviv, and then the results will be disastrous for Lebanon and the Shiite community together.

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