First comment of "Hezbollah" after attacks on Patriarch al-Rahi

First comment of "Hezbollah" after attacks on Patriarch al-Rahi

| Friday 17 November 2023

The Hezbollah's Christian relations official Mohammed al-Khansa, said in a statement: "We have all the respect and appreciation for Bkerki and all the Lebanese Christian and Muslim communities, and there are meetings and dialogues going on between us almost periodically, we are keen on dialogue, and the last meeting was about 4 days ago with father Abdo Abu Kasam and the atmosphere was very positive, God willing, for the benefit of Lebanon and the entitlements in it".‏

He added: "every post on social media is the responsibility of its owner, and there are many mistakes committed against national Islamic and Christian figures every day and always, but we overcome them. From this point of view, we in Hezbollah are responsible for what is published in our central media, and we are not responsible for what is published on social networking sites.

He continued: "There are fateful issues for the nation and we have to be unified to preserve our homeland Lebanon and our nation as well. We respect Bkerki and we respect all religious authorities, Christian and Islamic, and we do not accept abuse of personalities or any kind of abuse, and we call for understanding this matter, especially Christian figures, religious shrines and symbols, whether they are, as I said, Christian or Islamic".‏

And about the position of the Patriarch al-Rahi regarding Gaza? Al-Khansa replied: "We are in dialogue and everyone has a point of view and we have expressed our point of view. We like to have national and political stands with major issues like what happened in Gaza, and I think it is our religious responsibility and our political and national responsibility to stand with our families, neighbors, brothers, lovers, churches and mosques".‏

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