"The End" of the great Iran war...What about "Hezbollah"?

"The End" of the great Iran war...What about "Hezbollah"?

Chadi Hileneh | Tuesday 07 November 2023

Raisi in Riyadh on Sunday to discuss sparing the region a regional war

Many would agree that Hezbollah is not ready or willing to go through any military operation for the sake of anyone, and is not keen on the future of the Hamas movement, so that all the existing data indicate that the role played by the party is only to relieve pressure on the Gaza front, so today it is fighting a skirmish war with the Israeli enemy on the northern front.

The evidence of this is the Iranian positions that are fading about Tehran waging a full-scale war, especially considering all the sacrifices and all the bloodshed in Gaza, as it began to gradually enter into the vision of the Arab Group, namely, calling for serious decisions on a ceasefire, imposing a humanitarian truce, and seeking a political solution to end the ongoing conflict on the Palestinian Territories.

What reinforces this hypothesis is the invitation of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to visit Saudi Arabia next Sunday -after a state of "hostility" that has lasted for several years between Tehran and Riyadh- to attend the organization of Islamic Cooperation summit to discuss the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and to spare the region a regional war.

Hezbollah-Israel skirmishes continues on the border, especially in the south, after targeting a civilian car, which led to the martyrdom of three girls and their grandmother, as observers agree that the party continues in its strategy, not to throw itself into the war, and therefore shows its popular power, more than the power of its military arsenal.


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