Syria mining Lebanese border, helping infiltrators…

Syria mining Lebanese border, helping infiltrators…

Chadi Hileneh | Thursday 14 September 2023

Damascus has no serious intention to deal with this file by diplomatic means

In light of the contact held by Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib with his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad, during which it was agreed to hold a meeting between them to discuss the issue of the displaced.

The Army Command announced yesterday that "two land mines exploded early Wednesday along the Lebanon-Syria border wounding three Syrians trying to illegally cross into Lebanon, while Information told "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that the Syrian army is laying mines on the border in the same area where the mines exploded.

In fact, according to local observers, the Syrian regime has no serious intention to deal with this file by diplomatic means, even in the ways available to deter infiltrators, considering that there is an illegal trade that produces huge profits, run and benefited by groups calling themselves "masters of the borders", and these entities employ individuals to smuggle criminals from drug dealers and weapons smuggling, and today they are active by smuggling illegal IDPs across the northern Lebanese border.

Security reports suggest that these groups are colluding with the 4th Armoured Division of the Syrian army, led by Maher al-Assad, the brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, so that the profits of these associations exceeded the reasonable, and even doubled a lot in recent years, after exploiting the economic crises in the two countries.

In this context, a Syrian source told "Akhbar al-Yawm" that the Syrian army has started planting BMN-2 anti-personnel mines along the northern border, in parallel with the influx of terrorists fleeing from Idlib and Deir ez-Zor, and the same source pointed out that the regime had previously done this in conjunction with the start of the Syrian Revolution in 2011, to control its borders.

In contrast to the confused and suspicious scene, army commander General Joseph Aoun celebrated on the eighth of September in Ras Baalbek, in the presence of diplomatic figures and western and Arab ambassadors, the completion of explosives clearance in the area of Arsal and Ras Baalbek, which were left by terrorist groups from ISIS and al-Nusra Front, in a fierce war fought by the Lebanese army to defeat terrorism.

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