A fourth paradigm is the only one capable of producing solutions...

A fourth paradigm is the only one capable of producing solutions...

| Friday 26 May 2023

Omar al-Rassi, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

This paradigm is not subject to the "mini-state”

A knowledgeable political source, via the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, considered that there are three prevailing paradigms in Lebanon that hinder the solutions to the accumulated crises, as they coexist with the Hezbollah project, which is greater than the Lebanese ability to face it, especially that there is no ability to disarm the party, and therefore this project has become larger than the country.

The source explains these paradigms, saying: a paradigm that is an integral part of this project, and the great danger lies here by removing the boundary between what is for the state and what is for the mini-state, so that the mini-state becomes in control of the state. As for the second model, it is to deal with Hezbollah's project with surrender, and to recognize the impossibility of confronting the big project.

On the other hand, there is a paradigm of confronting the project in Lebanon, but those people know that if they come to power, they will be isolated, fought and assassinated, and weapons will be used against them, as happened before.

The source continues: in front of this reality, it is necessary to have a fourth paradigm that creates balance, so that it is outside the project of the mini-state and does not surrender to it, in return, it is keen to build the state, stabilize it, restore institutions and reach prosperity, and therefore launch positions with what is consistent with the priorities of Lebanon, the interest of the Lebanese, the spirit of the Constitution and what the laws require. This practice is at the level of the head of state, the head of government and the government.

He says: For example, if a military maneuver takes place, as happened last Sunday, a unified brief statement will be issued that such excesses are contrary to the Constitution and the applicable laws, violate sovereignty and hit the state.

Therefore, the source stresses that what is needed is a clear practice that names things by their names, and in front of practices of this kind, the mini-state begins to diminish and the citizen feels that there is a political authority keen on his interests, security, safety and dignity, fights corruption and refuses to submit to the politics of the fait accompli.

The source concludes: at this turning point, it is necessary to produce an integrated Authority; a president of the Republic, a head of government and a government; that is not subject to the de facto forces, and all it wants is to implement the Constitution and serve the Lebanese people.

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