This is what Franjieh wants from Saudi Arabia

This is what Franjieh wants from Saudi Arabia

| Tuesday 16 May 2023

Exclusive - "Akhbar Al Yawm Agency"

The ambassador of a great country in Lebanon was waiting for news from the leader of the Marada Movement, Sleiman Franjieh, which would allow him to draw up a diplomatic balance sheet of qualitative content and open a wide vision for this great country to find out what awaits Lebanon in the years to come.

This ambassador, who was welcomed by the leader of the Marada Movement in his house in Bnachii, was shocked by listening to Franjieh, who focused his entire conversation on a single point, which asks for the help of this State to convince the Saudi Arabia to support him as the future president of the republic, since he is the only one who can accomplish what internal and external political actors have not been able to do since February 6, 2006.

A well-informed source in the capital of the great country reveals to the "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency that "Franjieh complained to the said ambassador about maintaining the Saudi position as it is in terms of rejecting any candidate belonging to a team and from within the current political class, and that his accession to the first presidency depends on the approval of Riyadh capable of securing a two-thirds quorum for the electoral session, and also of inducing the parliamentary blocs and the deputies rotating in his orbit to elect him, asking the ambassador to intervene at the highest level with the Saudis to persuade them to adopt him as a presidential option.

However, what shocked the said ambassador, according to the source, "the inclusion of Franjieh in his request for the intervention of the superpower, to take the initiative to convince Saudi Arabia of his choice by focusing on a specific point : that all the forces united to overthrow Mar Mikhael's agreement between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement failed, while he himself was capable, and as soon as he was the presidential candidate of the Shiite duo, in particularly by Hezbollah, to overturn the understanding between the party and the mainstream. Franjieh considered that failure to support his candidacy from Saudi Arabia will remove the reason that led to the rift between the two parties to the Mar Mikhael deal.

The source explained: "The aforementioned ambassador tried to explain to Franjieh that there are drastic changes in the region and in the world, especially after the China-sponsored Saudi-Iranian agreement and with the approval American, and that as long as things mature and straighten out between Riyadh and Tehran, the dispute with Hezbollah becomes a detail, and that the policy of the Saudi leadership is zero problem." This contradicts what Franjieh proposes, and the solution is that Franjieh himself has the audacity to take the initiative to visit the leaders of the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement and dialogue with them to convince them of his person as a presidential option, and not to wait for such meetings to place in a third place,but Franjieh insisted on his proposal, emphasizing the importance of raising this matter with Riyadh and the aforementioned ambassador promised him well."

The source said that "the great country's ambassador hastened to prepare a diplomatic report on the content of his meeting with Franjieh and submitted it to his Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who instructed him to convey what he heard from Franjieh to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Beirut, Walid Al-Bukhari Indeed, the aforementioned Ambassador visited Bukhari who listened to what the Ambassador said, while Bukhari reiterated Saudi Arabia's firm stance which emphasizes specifications and practicalities that the 5 countries are insisting on discussing the Lebanese file, and do not adopt any candidate and judge performance and actions, not the results.

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