“Beginning of shift” in France’s stance on Lebanese presidential file

“Beginning of shift” in France’s stance on Lebanese presidential file

| Tuesday 09 May 2023

Source: Sawt Beirut International 

French sources have reported a “beginning of a shift” in Paris’ stance regarding the Lebanese presidential elections file, specifically regarding the continuation of the approach calling for the election of MP and former minister Sleiman Frangieh as President of the Republic in exchange for the appointment of a “reformist” prime minister, Judge and former Ambassador Nawaf Salam, as a balance.

These sources, who have extensive knowledge of the ongoing communications and consultations, stated that Paris has come to the conviction that its plan, which it has been promoting since the beginning of the presidential vacuum in Lebanon last November, “does not have the conditions for success”, despite the diplomatic efforts being made at the presidential level and through traditional diplomatic channels.

In this context, it was learned that a meeting of the Quintet Group was scheduled for this month, but differences, if not conflicting visions within it, led to its postponement until next month without specifying a specific date for its convening.

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