Public Administration Employees call for dollarization of salaries

Public Administration Employees call for dollarization of salaries

| Sunday 19 March 2023

Source: NNA 

The administrative body of the "Public Administration Employees Association" announced in a statement, on Sunday, the extension of the strike for a period of two weeks, ending on Friday, March 24, implicitly, and keeping its meetings open to follow up on all developments.

The administrative body renewed its call for an increase in salaries, wages, and pensions by two additional salaries and to include them with the previous increase in the basic salary and convert them into dollars calculated on a platform that does not exceed fifteen thousand Lebanese pounds, which is the official price announced for the dollar, and convert the exchange compensation into dollars on the same platform, while ensuring full coverage treatment and hospitalization, raise the value of educational scholarships in proportion to the increase in school fees, and provide employees with a transportation allowance linked to the distances and the price of the petrol tank, provided that it is not less than 8 liters of fuel per day.

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