US state bans abortion pill

US state bans abortion pill

| Saturday 18 March 2023

Wyoming on Friday became the first US state to ban the abortion pill, which is a new victory for conservatives who intend to roll back access to abortion in the United States.

The governor of Wyoming (west), Mark Gordon, called on lawmakers to go further and include a total ban on abortion in the state constitution and submit it to the vote of voters.

The decision comes at a time when many abortion opponents are seeking to ban the abortion pill nationwide, after the Supreme Court's decision last year to bury the right to abortion at the federal. Since then, fifteen states have decided to ban all pregnancy terminations on their soil.

Mr. Gordon, the governor of Wyoming, has said he has no intention of backing down in his fight against abortion. "I believe that all life is sacred and that every individual, including unborn children, should be treated with dignity and compassion," Mr Gordon said on Friday evening.

Since the Supreme Court of the United States in June last year returned its freedom to legislate to each state, about fifteen of them have limited access to mifepristone by requiring that a doctor provide it, according to the Guttmacher Institute research center which defends the right of womeabortion.6 an abortion.

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