Joint training between UNIFIL and the army

Joint training between UNIFIL and the army

| Friday 17 March 2023

The units of the "UNIFIL" forces in the eastern sector and the Lebanese army conducted joint training at the road checkpoints, in accordance with the instructions of the "UNIFIL" and the approval of the Lebanese army command to conduct the training.

The training took place at the Miguel de Cerventes military base in Ebel El Saqi, under the direction of the Spanish contingent, with the support of the military police of the Indonesian contingent.

It should be noted that there is a difference between the procedures of the Lebanese army and those of the "UNIFIL" forces, and that in order to carry out coordinated activities with the Lebanese army, it is necessary to gather knowledge to unify these procedures.

The training, which took place from the 13th to the 15th of this month, included theoretical and practical courses, with the participation of 9 UNIFIL soldiers and 11 Lebanese Army soldiers.

The training ended with a ceremony of distribution of certificates of appreciation to the participants who have successfully completed the course.

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