Adding this surprising food to your coffee would make you lose weight

Adding this surprising food to your coffee would make you lose weight

| Thursday 16 March 2023

According to British nutritionist Nataly Komova, adding a little cinnamon would be the solution to burn calories. "Cinnamon in coffee reduces inflammation and hyperglycemia. It also increases fat burning" explains the expert in the columns of the She Finds media. Doctor Schuff, also a nutritionist and interviewed by the same media, adds: "Cinnamon has been used successfully as an adjunct treatment for type 2 diabetes and metabolic diseases by improving blood sugar management".

It must be said that cinnamon is a spice with 1001 virtues for body and mind. It is rich in antioxidants and is an excellent source of fibre. It is also very effective in fighting digestive disorders and is very low in calories. Better still, it boosts our immune system, just like "fire cider" , this unsavory preparation which is nevertheless creating a buzz on social networks. 

Of course, there is no question of emptying your cinnamon bottle in your coffee. You risk being on the verge of disgust and this is clearly not what you are looking for early in the morning or after a meal. A teaspoon bottom is enough. The cinnamon then gives your hot drink a little more spice. The coffee gains in taste and flavor. Nataly Komova also slips that "cinnamon is a natural sweetener with a strong and fabulous flavor". If you're the type of person who slips a sugar (or two) into your coffee, cinnamon is a perfect substitute in addition to yacon, this superfood that will make you forget about sugar . 

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