Bkerki is displeased with the position of the shiite duo

Bkerki is displeased with the position of the shiite duo

| Wednesday 08 March 2023

Exclusive, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

A Christian figure quoted Bkerki as displeasing with the imposition method practiced by the Shiite duo regarding presidential entitlement, saying: it is not permissible to impose domination with a file that has a Christian specificity, even if the president of the Republic is for all Lebanese.

This christian figure was surprised, via the "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency, by the positions of both, Speaker Nabih Berri and Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, while the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi wants that the country be saved and return to a minimum of decent living, and this is what he repeats in all his sermons since last July, when he outlined the presidential specifications.

As for whether the Saudi Ambassador Walid al-Bukhari had conveyed to the patriarchal edifice any message related to the presidential entitlement, the sources denied the matter, because al-Bukhari is in accord with the christians, saying: people chose change and specifically the Christian opinion wants to save the country.

Regarding the candidacy of the head of the Marada Movement, former MP Sleiman Frangieh, this Christian personality answers: the patriarch does not put forward names, neither support nor rejection, pointing out that the tour carried out by Bishop Antoine Bou Najm, has not ended yet, repeating that what is required is consensus and salvation...

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