Warnings of major famines despite the fact that the population is declining in several countries...

Warnings of major famines despite the fact that the population is declining in several countries...

| Friday 03 March 2023

Antoun el-Fata, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Tabbara: to separate real tensions and crises from temporary or artificial ones

Former Lebanese ambassador to Washington Riad Tabbara pointed out that "the development of the media and the ease of access to information rapidly detect natural disasters, earthquakes, tremors and natural disasters on the ground, highlighting the living, life and daily crises around the world, more than in the past. The events are being transmitted at the same hour as they are happening, west and East".

He explained in an interview with the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that "the real, most dangerous and tangible tension in the world right now is concentrated in the ongoing war in Ukraine. History teaches Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia's loss in major wars costs it Regime Change, which is what his fate would be if he lost the Ukraine war. The Europeans, for their part, consider that the war itself is a matter of life and death for them. Allowing Putin to occupy Ukraine after taking control of Crimea, as after he succeeded in resolving the situations in Georgia, Syria and Kazakhstan in his favor, would constitute a preparatory stage for a major World War.

Tabbara pointed out that "this tension is real, and it is very expensive, although it is not a priority for the interests of the Earth and its inhabitants, but for the interests of countries.

He explained: "the media development and the development of social media contribute to tensions and crises that may be artificial in some ways, for purposes related to political and economic investment, and they make people in a state of fear.

Tabbara continued: "let's take the issue of the population as well. The time has come when we began to hear that people will die from hunger, that population growth has increased a lot, and that there are not enough resources on Earth for everyone, which threatens major famines, despite the fact that a large number of countries around the world are recording a noticeable population decline.

Even China itself, which turned to birth control decades ago, is working hard to increase its population now. So how will people die from famine, amid obvious negative population growth, in quite a few countries?"

He concluded: "it is necessary to separate between real tensions and crises, and between temporary or artificial ones, especially after the enormous media development, and the loss of people's ability to distinguish between real and inflated risks.


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