The presidential vacuum will last up to 3 years!

The presidential vacuum will last up to 3 years!

| Thursday 02 March 2023

Chadi Hileneh, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

We will reach the point of no return amid the collapse

The presidential vacancy continues while none of the officials is looking for the presidency of the Republic or even the interest of the homeland, but for their own interests, and they do not care about the international community or others, so the call came from the United Nations Coordinator in Lebanon Joanna Wronecka to respond to the legitimate needs of the Lebanese people, which requires the election of a president of the Republic without further delay. Political leaders must prioritize the national interest at this critical moment.

The latest calls were also made today by the International Support Group for Lebanon, which said: "with the presidential vacuum reaching its fifth month and in the absence of reforms, the International Support Group for Lebanon expresses its deep concern about the repercussions of the continuation of the presidential vacuum”.

In a statement, it urged political leaders and members of Parliament to bear their responsibilities, act in accordance with the Constitution and respect the Taif agreement by electing a new president without further delay.

In light of local negligence, where things are slowed down, especially by the March 8 Alliance, where their data indicate that either their candidate will be former MP Sleiman Frangieh exclusively, or that betting on presidential solutions in the foreseeable future is excluded, and perhaps waiting for many years, similar to the previous vacancy that lasted from 2014 to 2016, that is, for two and a half years until the candidate of the "duo" General Michel Aoun took over the Governance in Lebanon.

On this level, there are those who are trying to hit the First Presidency, in light of the hysterical and crazy reality with an unprecedented populist rivalry in the history of the country, so how can solutions come, since the disunited Christians refuse to compromise for the sake of the national interest! Even dialogue under the cover of "Bkerki" is useless. If all these party forces do not return to their political maturity in the near future, things will escalate and we may reach the point of no return, amid a great collapse.


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