New scenes of the moment of the earthquake in Turkey

New scenes of the moment of the earthquake in Turkey

| Friday 17 February 2023

12 days after the earthquake, leaving thousands of dead and injured and much destruction, new scenes documented by surveillance cameras showed the moment of the devastating earthquake in Hatay and Osmaniye, Turkey.

Photos showed a man standing in the middle of the street at the moment of the earthquake and appeared to stagger left and right until he hung on to a lamppost nearby.

A surveillance camera in the House also spotted the pets panicking inside, and they began to jump out of place to escape from what is happening.

Also, a camera documented terrifying moments in a shop specializing in lighting, where hanging chandeliers shook violently, some broke and collapsed to the floor.

It is noteworthy that the earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria at dawn on Monday, February 6, 2023, and its magnitude reached 7.7 degrees, followed by another one hours later with a magnitude of 7.6 degrees and hundreds of violent aftershocks, which caused great loss of life and property in the two countries.

The death toll rose yesterday to more than 41 thousand, as hopes of finding survivors faded. Officials and medics announced that 38,044 people died in Turkey alone, and 3,688 in Syria as a result of the devastating earthquake, bringing the total confirmed toll to 41,732.

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