Will the visit of the European judicial delegation constitute an historic milestone in the Lebanese crisis?

Will the visit of the European judicial delegation constitute an historic milestone in the Lebanese crisis?

| Tuesday 24 January 2023

Rania Chakhtoura, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

A well-informed political source reveals that he is afraid of "great tension", which may lead to the ominous!

The source dates back to 2008, when the government of President Fouad Siniora, through MP Walid Jumblatt and Minister Elias Al-Murr, tried to dismiss the head of the airport security service, Brigadier Wafiq Choucair, from his post, which at that time was one of the reasons for the events of May 7, considering that today's "touching" the director general of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, is not a "joke" at the Shiite level.

The source warns that if the investigations continue as we witnessed today and yesterday, we will witness an internal judicial - judicial conflict, and there will be a split between a pro-Bitar team and one opposing it.

In a related context, the source indicates that the most important point discussed yesterday at the meeting of Mirna Chalouhi (which came at the request of Hezbollah) between the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, political aide to the Secretary-General Hussein al-Khalil and coordination and liaison responsible Wafiq Safa. The source says what the delegation stressed to Bassil: "we are with you, not against you", meaning that if something happens, Hezbollah has asked that the FPM be on its side.

The source also asked: Does this suggest that someone is preparing for a scenario similar to what happened in 2008? He continued: Perhaps there are those who are planning abroad, but in any case there is an internal tool, and here lies the great danger, because the Lebanese Environment is soft and easy to violate. Further, the source asks: "Why did the European judicial delegation, which came under the financial - banking title, visit only the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion, Tarek Bitar, and quoted the latter that he did not hand over any file or document, but a few days later he made decisions and allegations after a 13-month suspension?"

The source concludes: all the security, intelligence and diplomatic data indicate that the door that was opened at the judicial level will not be closed.

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