Lebanon among the top 5 countries with "Renewable Energy"... random self-sufficiency

Lebanon among the top 5 countries with "Renewable Energy"... random self-sufficiency

| Monday 16 January 2023

Omar Al Rassi, Akhbar Al Yawm 

Do we still need to build new factories after many people are no longer interested in "state electricity "!

It should be noted that the report published by the World Bank on "Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy" (RISE-Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy) ranked Lebanon among the top 5 countries to have recorded progress in terms of sustainable energy. renewable energy indicators for 2021... At first glance, it seems that the Lebanese state has had achievements at this level, but in detail and based on knowledge of the Lebanese reality, this "development" ( so to speak) is an individual act born out of the suffering of rationing and the inability of the state to secure electricity, where the deterioration reached zero power every 24 hours or at best 2/24!

Commenting on this report, energy expert lawyer Christina Abi Haidar explains to the "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency that any country when it commits to achieving a percentage of electricity production on renewable energies, it should have a plan (logistics and timing) for the transition, but in Lebanon the Ministry of Energy committed to switching 15% to alternative energies in 2020 and did not achieve it, and this percentage was increased to 30% in 2030 without achieving anything.

She adds: So the transition plan should be defined by the state, but everything we have achieved today in solar energy is not thanks to the state, but it has led us into the total darkness, and people became desperate and turned to individual solutions, and so those with the financial capacity chose solar energy to supply their need and escape the darkness.

In response to a question, Abi Haidar pointed out that Lebanon as a country is still very far from achieving the goal, in the absence of the legal foundations and the structure of renewable energies, nor the law on the conservation of energy was not approved, nor renewable energies, while the law on distributed and renewable energies turned into a political quota and was placed in one of the lists.

She continues: The reality is that when the law is not enforced, we are faced with chaos, randomness and state collapse, and that is where we are!

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