A diplomatic source warns against electing a president who extends the crisis

A diplomatic source warns against electing a president who extends the crisis

| Wednesday 11 January 2023

Daoud Rammal, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

The duo is working on an array of understandings aimed at ensuring the election of its candidate

A diplomatic source tells "Akhbar al-Yawm" that "the ruling authority in Lebanon is used to pushing towards fabricating crises at every entitlement, trying through this vulgar method to mobilize the outside to come and provide the necessary solutions".

The source continues: "the real crisis is not in the failure to fulfill the constitutional entitlement, especially the election of a president of the Republic, but in the continuation of the same pillars of power in their positions, holding the decision and controlling all the joints of the remaining state and institutions".

The source explained that "all the leaders in Lebanon know that the way of dealing with the Lebanese issue has changed radically, and that not a single dollar will be paid to help Lebanon in the economic and financial recovery plan with the presence of such a ruling authority that wasted and plundered the billions that came to Lebanon after the end of the Civil War and did not benefit the Lebanese people in anything".

The source revealed that "a set of international and Arab advice was given to Lebanese parties, the conclusion of which is that you have to find solutions to your crises and not wait for the outside, because this waiting is useless, from here an internal movement began through various bilateral and trilateral dialogues during which specific ideas are put forward to be formulated into a solution proposal based on which a dialogue is called for an array of understandings, and what is working on is a new Doha with a change in the item of electing the president of the Republic so that it is not limited to a specific person, but the matter remains open on several names with the commitment of the parties to attend the election session, in addition to an item related to the fate of the "sovereign fund" or The "Generations Fund" in which the proceeds of the oil and gas wealth will be collected, with a time limit to complete the implementation of all the provisions of the Taif Constitution, especially the reform ones".

The source said that "the most attached to the presidential file so far is the Shiite duo who is trying to drag everyone into a dialogue about an array of understandings, without limiting the naming of a specific person for the presidency to ensure the election of his well-known candidate in the second session because the calculations that it conducted indicate the possibility of securing half plus one and maybe more, and therefore the duo will have delivered its candidate to the presidency".

The source warned against "going to a new stage of circumventing the international consensus by bringing a president from the core of the ruling system, because the Arab and international outside is looking at what the political forces in Lebanon will do, so if the choice is similar to what happened in the past decades, it means an extension of the crisis, and therefore a total reluctance to provide assistance to Lebanon, which means drowning in more crises. Therefore, the person of the president of the Republic is the compass through which brothers and friends determine dealing with Lebanon, either a breakthrough or more suffocation".


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