That's why Berri invited the 11th session to elect a new Lebanese President

That's why Berri invited the 11th session to elect a new Lebanese President

| Tuesday 10 January 2023

From December 15, when the last session was held in 2022 to elect a new Lebanese President until January 12, the date of the 11th session in the vacuum path, and the first of 2023, no breach leads to the completion of the expected entitlement, but the same process and the rotation in the vicious circle continues...

Based on this reality, why did President Nabih Berri issue an invitation to hold a session next Thursday, while all parties reject dialogue, which means that the formal session will not be prevented or delayed in the general track?

Sources close to Ain Al Tineh indicate that Berri is not betting on any variable, but he is doing his national and constitutional duty, and this is what he is committed to in approaching any entitlement, but there may also be surprises in the last quarter of an hour!

And about the call made by the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. Samir Geagea, to keep the election session of the President of the Lebanese Republic open and push for successive sessions over one day and consecutive days if necessary, interspersed with dialogue, discussion, and communication between all blocs and deputies to gather the greatest support for a presidential candidate with the support of The sources replied: Each deputy or bloc may take the position it deems appropriate and serve its orientation and vision in approaching any issue or any file, whether legislative or non-legislative. He added: For us, withdrawing from the sessions is due to our vision and approach to entitlement because we have a goal of the need for compatibility and not to deal with mood.

Here, the sources stressed that compatibility is a duty because the country does not tolerate any confrontations or challenges, especially in this exceptional circumstance that we are going through, so we always long for the personality who holds the overall specifications, so we must be convinced to make room for compatibility and close the door to adventure owners.

As the sources ruled out reaching a full consensus, they pointed to the possibility of reaching a near-consensus that secures the quorum and the number of votes required to elect the president, at which point we have reached the final steps from the path of the presidential elections.

On the possibility of the strong Lebanon bloc announcing the name of a candidate, the sources considered that this does not mean that the elections have been completed, but rather a step that opens the door to a serious and rapid discussion based on understanding and consensus and not based on a specific person.

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