Mikati's meeting at the Grand Serail

Mikati's meeting at the Grand Serail

| Friday 25 November 2022

Source: NNA

Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Friday welcomed at the Grand Serail Caretaker Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Wissam al-Mortada, in the presence of President of the National Conservatory, Hiba al-Qawas, alongside artists who delivered an artistic celebration at the "Unesco Palace" marking Lebanon’s 79th Independence Day. 

In the wake of the meeting, Al-Mortada said: "We’ve thanked Premiere Mikati for all his support, the most important of which is his presence with us during the ceremony, which was organized by the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the National Conservatoire and every artist.”

President Mikati then met with Caretaker Environment Minister, Nasser Yassin, and with Caretaker Communications Minister, Johnny Al-Corm, with whom he discussed the status of their respective ministries.

Mikati then separately had an audience with the Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Philip Lazarini, with whom he discussed the conditions of Palestinian refugees.

The PM then met with the Chairman of the  Middle East Airlines Board of Directors, Mohammad Al-Hout, with whom he discussed the company’s situation amid the prevailing circumstances. 

During the meeting, Mikati praised the efforts exerted by the Middle East Airlines, despite the difficult circumstances that Lebanon endured. 

"The Middle East plays a major role amid these trying times,” Mikati said, thanking the airliner for its “commendable and appreciated effort."

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