Exceptional measures in the month of holidays to preserve public order

Exceptional measures in the month of holidays to preserve public order

| Friday 25 November 2022

 Daoud Rammal , "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency

The statement of the leaders of the military and security services is that “there is no fear for security stability and civil peace, and the situation is controlled and coherent, and the eye is open in continuous and proactive work to prevent any hostile infiltration into the internal arena with the aim of disturbing the atmosphere in connection with the existing political crisis.”

A concerned source told "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency that with every crisis in Lebanon, the role of the military and security forces increases as they control the entire security situation, and the burdens increase with them in light of a difficult economic, social and financial situation. The army is spread over the entire country:

First, it plays its defensive role, whether it is in the south, facing the Israeli enemy, or on our northeastern borders, in the process of controlling the borders.

Second, it plays a security role through the deployment of the army in all sectors across the country to combat any defect, incidents, or crimes that occur inside.

Third, the army plays a social and developmental role, and whenever a need arises from fire, drowning or natural factors, it is entrusted to the army and with it the security forces that treat it. It forms the backbone of all security institutions that have important roles to play at the national level.

But the army, with its capabilities, experiences, and urgency, and from the position of national military and security responsibility that it enjoys, has the greatest dependence on it, and the call of institutions, as well as citizens, is always directed to the army, and this is a confidence that it possesses at the general national level and at the level of internal and external institutions, and it does not work in isolation from cooperation and coordination with institutions. The security forces include internal security forces, public security and state security, all the way to customs, because their role is one that stems from the supreme national interest and from the same patriotism, and the leaders of the military and security institutions have one source, which is the Military College. The source explains that "the state of alert and motivation is permanent in the military and security institutions, and the hypotheses that are discussed between the political, military and security levels are hypotheses related to what the homeland is facing and how the military and security confrontation to achieve the desired goal." Coordination exists between the military and security agencies, and in most of the ministerial meetings chaired by the Prime Minister, the military and security forces attend through senior officers, and directives are given to the agencies in everything related to the security situation.

How to achieve the desired security goal of any joint action between these security forces and the army at the forefront? "This is a work imposed by challenges, and according to the development of the situation, coordination is always present and increasing, and the security forces strive to achieve the highest readiness so that they can carry out the task entrusted to them".

The source believes that "there is no need to form a crisis cell in light of the vacancy of the presidency, since the matter is an existing political situation, but the situation of the military and security institutions remains the first concern, and those concerned see that the financial situation of the military in light of the monetary collapse is the main concern of the military leaders And security, as it knows closely the impact of the current exceptional circumstance on the military, because the political and military leaders do not lose sight of the security concern in the country for a moment, but those concerned have great confidence in the army and security institutions and in the national patriotic role they play, and the great confidence in officers and soldiers of all ranks prays night by day, and they give of their time, life and comfort in order to follow up on the security situation day and night, and military and security work does not stop. The army, in cooperation and with its support for all other security forces, is monitoring the security situation in every minute and without interruption, and the field military readiness is in place, and the military and security leaders are working continuously to fill any gap or deficiency in order to avoid any security flaw. The army and security forces will spare no effort in preserving Lebanon's stability along its borders and at home."

The source affirms that "there are exceptional measures that will be taken during the month of the glorious holidays, some visible and some hidden, in the interest of public safety, and to spread tranquility in the hearts of the Lebanese and residents, especially those who took the option of coming from the countries of the diaspora to spend the holidays in their homeland and among their family and friends".

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