This is what the army commander heard from Safa

This is what the army commander heard from Safa

| Friday 25 November 2022

Imad Marmal - Al Joumhouria

The negative equalization continues in the "Presidential World Cup" matches, which are played every Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives, while waiting for the passes between the great voters to be completed, with a view to marking the expected goal.

Until then, according to a political reference, the main voter in the presidential election internally is Hezbollah, "so we have to wait what it will do and when it will fill in the white paper with the appropriate name".

The reference draws attention to the fact that the party approaches the presidential file from an angle or a constant of its concern for its relations with its Christian allies, the leader of the "Free Patriotic Movement", the deputy Gebran Bassil, and the leader of the "Mardah" movement, Suleiman Frangieh, "and therefore he does not want to sacrifice one for the other, or be placed in a position of choice between them, but rather tries to get out of the test of the presidential election with the least possible damage in his alliances.

Based on this equation, the benchmark expects the party to continue until further notice to exert its maximum energy to reconcile Franjieh and Bassil and bring them together under the roof of the common interest of a strategic line, despite the fact that this task became more difficult and complicated after the violent attack launched by Bassil on Franjieh from Paris, and its flying fragments hit the "duo".

If this scenario cannot be implemented and the party exhausts its time and efforts without being able to facilitate Franjieh's access to the Baabda Palace, the reference is likely in such a case that the party will resort to trying to produce a "tube baby" or "tube president" by artificial political insemination that comes with a strategically acceptable and reliable presidential baby, although not derived from the fabric of the "Free Current" or the "Marda".

But what is certain so far is that it is still too early for the party leadership to seek an alternative to Franjieh, who knows that the presidential battle needs a long breath and is going through stages. volatile before arriving at a decisive result.

If there are those who place the visit of the head of the Liaison and Coordination Unit of the party, Wafiq Safa, to the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, in the presidential context, those who are aware of it are sure it has nothing to do with that right.

Insiders explain that Safa did not discuss with Aoun at all the party's position on the possibility of his name being on the table to assume the presidency.

They reveal that the main purpose of the meeting was to dispel any confusion that may have arisen from certain interpretations given to Mr. Hassan Nasrallah's last speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the "day of the martyr", in particular in the military-related aspect, which some considered directed at General Aoun, especially when Mr. Nasrallah stressed that what is needed is a president "not if they shout it at the states embassy States, the US State Department or US Central Command, and those above them, he begins to tremble and fear."

Safa Aoun stressed that this part of the speech was not intended for him personally, stressing that the party leadership is keen to continue good relations with the military establishment

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