March 8 Alliance protected by Hezbollah

March 8 Alliance protected by Hezbollah

| Wednesday 23 November 2022

Omar al-Rassi, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Derbas to "Akhbar al-Yawm": the comparison between the two alliances is not permissible

The March 14 Alliance, named after the date of the Cedar Revolution, is a coalition of political parties and independents in Lebanon formed in 2005 that are united by their anti-Syrian stance and by their opposition to the March 8 Alliance.

The former minister Rashid Derbas considers that the comparison between the two alliances; i.e. March 14 and March 8 is not permissible, saying: March 14 is like a soft creature without a skeleton, while the March 8 alliance has a backbone – that is, Hezbollah - capable of bringing the parties together no matter how far apart.

In an interview with "Akhbar al-Yawm", Derbas stated that the March 14 alliance, although it was the strongest at the level of popularity, international relations and the number of deputies, gave a free gift to its opponents when its parties dispersed on formative rules, while the importance lies in unity and initiative, it was defeated in the heart of the House of Representatives, and the best proof was when President Saad Hariri accepted compromises and formed a government that overthrew him while he was at the door of the White House during his meeting with former US President Barack Obama in January 2011.

Has Hezbollah not said its word yet? Derbas pointed out that what hinders Hezbollah's decision to choose the president of the Republic or to present a presidential candidate is not Bassil's stubbornness, but rather that this entitlement means setting the contours of a six-year-old stage that is coming, and this is not done internally, but externally...

He added: The external decision has not yet been taken in light of Iran's internal problems, as well as the stalled negotiations with the United States, and the Europeans, who were more enthusiastic about the conclusion of the nuclear agreement, have lost that enthusiasm, and Iran is not ready for any concession today, especially after the internal downturn, and it is not known whether this situation is temporary or permanent.

He continued: Tehran will not compromise specifically in Lebanon because it is a vital platform from which the Iranian presence in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere is managed.

He concluded by saying that "Hezbollah is the backbone of the Iranian Resistance, in the sense that the party is the original, the most worthy, organized and the most cohesive in the confrontation".

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