Hezbollah seeks a lifeline for its Christian allies

Hezbollah seeks a lifeline for its Christian allies

| Monday 21 November 2022

Exclusive - Akhbar Al Yawm 

The sixth session of the House of Representatives to elect a new President of the Republic was not surprising in the results and behavior of the gathering of the so-called March 8 forces, which rushed out of the room before the end of the count ballots in the ballot box to lose the two-thirds session quorum, and this behavior will continue with the attempts of some members of this team who have shown deceptive intentions by asking for names for no other reason than to burn them, as for attempt to deceive public opinion that they seek consensus.

In this context, a high-ranking political source reveals to the "Akhbar Al Yawm" news agency that "the invitation of the Dynamo of the rally" of March 8 - that is, Hezbollah - to agree on the President of the Republic, starts from a constant, it seems that the party is trying to extract it for the second time, having previously extracted it by closing the presidential doors for two years and five months until its candidate, President General Michel Aoun, reaches the presidency, that is to say, he calls on others in the homeland to kindly accept his currently announced candidate, who is the leader of the Marda movement, Sleiman Frangieh, under the consensus title, otherwise the plan is ready "until you accept Frangieh,we will force you to accept Gebran Bassil," she said.

The source explains that “anyone who reads between the lines of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nabih Berri's positions, which he announced recently, knows the magnitude of the calamity to come on Lebanon, and his words that Lebanon will not cannot sustain a vacancy even for weeks imply a call to influential countries on the Lebanese scene not to delay their intervention on the presidential plan so that Berri finds an outlet to move to a radically different approach to presidential eligibility like those that have took place at the Doha conference.

The source points out that "the ally and the ally of the ally, namely Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, are well aware of Berri's intentions aimed at accelerating the completion of presidential eligibility and breaking the circle vicious circle that can lead the country to a vacuum for years, from there the wise men, thinkers and friends of Hezbollah are invited to start taking up the dossier with its allies, both MP Gebran Bassil and the former minister Suleiman Frangieh, specifically with the Free Patriotic Movement from the perspective of dealing with presidential eligibility as part of a comprehensive settlement that includes a basket of agreements based on the following pillars:

First: agreeing on the government and who will be its leader in terms of the checks and balances within that government.

Second: agree on the fundamental and pivotal appointments of the Lebanese system, namely the governor of the Banque du Liban, the commander of the army and the director of its intelligence, the president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the director general from Public Security, to the reference of the Generations Fund or the sovereign wealth fund in which the oil and gas revenues will be deposited.

Third: an agreement on a binding timetable for the implementation of the reform clauses of the Constitution, in particular the expanded administrative decentralization, the Senate, an electoral law approving new administrative units electoral constituencies and the formation of a national body in charge of to explore ways to abolish political bigotry, with a commitment to fill gaps in the Constitution that have emerged over the course of practice and to fill gaps conditional on national agreement.

Fourth: set a binding deadline for the decision of all laws and reform projects away from the political mood.

Fifth: Choose the right person and elect him President of the Republic, and it doesn't matter who comes to the presidency if he undertakes not to challenge the resistance," she said.

The source points out that "this approach is good, even excellent, but it needs balance in decision-making and parity in the balance of power, and this recipe takes the 'Basilian dream' away from the presidency and therefore makes it impossible for decades; Bassil has rushed to the gates of Doha again because she is able to help him bring down the "International Sanctuary on him" from the American gate, and is in a hurry to help speed up the lifting of the sanctions imposed on him without the need to assign a legal office to defend him in a course that can take more than two years, except that going by legal means ..".

According to the source, "the waiting phase will continue until the end of this year, after which the repercussions of the midterm elections in the United States will subside and the international and regional wheel will shift to help complete presidential right, provided that the case does not go beyond next spring, because whoever tries to prolong the presidential crisis will find themselves alone and isolated externally and internally, and will lose in the equation of national decision and management of public affairs.

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