Dialogue... Otherwise, the vacancy scene will get worse

Dialogue... Otherwise, the vacancy scene will get worse

| Monday 21 November 2022

Exclusive, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

It seems that Berri will revive his initiative until after the beginning of next year.

In this context, member of the development and liberation bloc MP Michel Moussa, in an interview with the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, pointed out that after there was an unwillingness to participate from some blocs, the topic had to be postponed, but in light of this prolonged and continuous, it is necessary to think about activating the mechanism of work in order to reach this goal, and therefore the only way is communication.

Moussa added: Today there is bilateral communication between a number of political parties and parliamentary blocs, if it does not lead to a result, we should not remain in this vacuum, especially in light of the difficult circumstances we are going through, in other words, some movement is necessary in order to urge towards a solution that will result in the election of a president.

Pointing out that the current meetings are taking place between the blocs in the House of Representatives, whether on the sidelines of the work of committees or election sessions, considering even though more than 20 days have passed since the vacuum, nothing has changed in the political scene, Moussa asked: Isn't it more useful and better to hold a dialogue between the parliamentary components in the House of Representatives or in Ain el-Tineh?

He stressed that this step is not a substitute for institutions, but is a way to move things and bring the parties together, the aim of which is for the constitutional institution (i.e. the House of Representatives) to elect- as the constitution stipulates - a president of the Republic, especially that the biggest problem at the moment is about the quorum required to attend or to be elected, and this is what requires communication in order to secure this number of voters.

Moussa considered that each deputy is free to express his opinion through his contentment, considering that the goal is not to agree on the name of one candidate, but to move this stalled situation, instead of continuing to postpone.

And he concluded: otherwise, it means that the scene will be prolonged and the country does not hold more protracted vacancy.




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